Connecting brands with influencers

Yep. It’s that word always popping up, nowadays. Influencers.

We use best in class partner’s technology to analyze, identify, and select the right influencer for your brand or project.

Due to our entertainment background, we have that innate “talent scout” attitude, so we can also recognize an up and coming talent suiting your needs, even if it’s not that big name out there, yet.

Or you just want to be sure to reach the right mass audience with a star talent, no matter the cost. Whatever. For us, nothing changes.

The aforementioned talent scout attitude mixed with the tools technology provides today means that data and gut feeling walk hand in hand to create a razor-like process aimed at satisfying your goal.

Micro-influencers, top celebs, niche superstars. You name it. We got you.

All that new apps and communities your sons or nephews are chatting about, the new kid on the block in the app store; we are always on the pulse for the last trend. If there’s an audience there, you can be sure we are already in it., Snap, Instagram, Youtube, underground communities, niche forums…

We activate the one that works for you.